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Criminal Record Verification Services

Various companies are doing a criminal record check on their prospective employees to make sure they are not hiring a candidate convicted in any legal case and also to avoid putting company’s credibility at risk.

By availing the Criminal Record Verification service, your record(s) are verified by law firms, who do a thorough check and verify a person’s records through Session Courts, High Court, Supreme Court and any other judicial body. In certain cases, records are also verified through online portals namely Online Judis.

Once the verification process is complete, you will receive a comprehensive report for your profile containing all the findings. Having a report to reflect a clean record is far better than a verbal declaration and can prove to be valuable in the recruitment process.

criminal record check online

That’s Not It!

We offer verification services on the previous employment details, as well as education details. In addition to giving you the certification, the very same reports can also be viewed on as well.

Whilst providing much needed confidence to recruiters, we offer verification on following profile credentials:

  • Previous Employment
  • Highest Education

It also helps you in :

  • Applying for desired jobs with utmost confidence.
  • Enhance your chances of getting more interview calls.
  • It makes you one up on other candidates without verification.

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For 100% customer satisfaction, We provide 3 itrations / modifications on the resume within 7 working days after the delivery of first draft.

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